who are we

who are we

For many years Dentists have had a problem finding high quality affordable Dental Disposables. Name brand manufacturers have become exclusive and the cost of their products have increased every year regardless of the income of Dental practices.

As a result, Dental Disposables was born, Dental Disposables searches for high quality products at affordable prices saving 30% to 50% off name brand products.

We seek products that offer value in the product quality not in the packaging.

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Our History

30 years ago there was increased need for personal protection. Infectious diseases were of a greater concern as the threat of transmission became apparent.

Dentists were now in need of Dental Disposables and quality Gloves at affordable prices. Dental Disposable Products was born, bringing to Dentists a full line of high quality dental disposables for less.


our mission

Our Mission

We offer high quality products at the best prices on the market!

Mission About Us

We offer Premium Products that are highly appreciated by Dentists and Patients. By offering alternative high quality products we have assisted Dentists in maintaining Patient satisfaction while helping their bottom line

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